C'est moi

Your business’s brand, voice, and morals are important to you and you want someone who can truly adapt to your brand’s voice. That’s where I come in.

I’m me, all the time, unapologetically. I know that in today’s world, fast, honest and clear communication is the key to being successful. 

Growing up, my teachers wrote in my report cards that I was a great student, but I socialized too much. I always saw that as a positive thing. Those socializing skills have made my sassy personality what it is today. I love being around other people and hearing their ideas, thoughts, and dreams. 

My life has always moved at a fast pace (literally) and I think that’s why I thrive in active work environments. Before I discovered my love for communications, you could usually find me chilln’ on film sets in the background of movies like A Dog’s Purpose starring Dennis Quaid, running the 100-metre finals at the Canada Summer Games, where I hung out with Andre De Grasse, or working for a marketing company driving around a Milk2Go truck handing out free milk for various sporting events. 

My experience working for multiple marketing and promotions companies, and especially my job with Red Bull Canada has made me a sucessful event planner, strategic social media planner, and a public speaking expert.

This website, much like my life, is full of laughter, strategy, colourful design and personality. It just screams Sade (which rhythms with today), and I hope you hear it too.

Check out my Instagram here where you can see what I’m up to (and you’ll probably stumble upon 100 pictures of me doing super random and fun things with Red Bull!)

Give me a shout, I’d love to talk to you.